Would you climb up a lamp post?

I recently stumbled across a video clip that has stayed with me since. An unsuspecting public in Sabadell, Spain is going about their own business. What seems to be yet another street musician with a double bass and a “tip” hat turns into an ensuing spectacle that makes it a heartwarming and exciting experience. Watch this exciting performance now! 

The public-turned-audience’s reactions are just stunning! The crowd quickly grows due to the curiosity that is in our nature. People stop and turn because they recognise the melody. The children’s curiosity and uninhibited joy is obvious – a favourite moment occurs at 1’57”. The audience is completely engaged with this performance – one lady sways along to the beat, another couple discusses conducting. My utter favourite is at 4’10” where one need not be an expert in lipreading to know that the man is saying, “Wow!”

Enjoy your music making – whether it is as professional musician, audience member, church bell ringer or amateur violinist. Wishing you all a wonderful and music filled day.


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