The Sketches

These sketches are very dear to me.  Patrick Rorke (b. 1953), an artist from Morija, Lesotho attended one of my recitals in the Free State, South Africa and – unbeknownst to me at the time – sketched me whilst I was playing. Each sketch is different and seems to capture the character of each work I played at that particular moment.  These sketches project more than a photo ever could and Rorke recorded my recital in a way that transcends that of video or audio recording.

Vespers in Venice

Nico de Villiers performing the South African debut of British composer Cecilia McDowall’s “Four Piano Solos”. ‘Vespers in Venice’

Beethoven Op. 26

Nico de Villiers performing Beethoven Sonata in A flat major, Op. 26

Szymanowski Etude

Nico de Villiers performing Szymanowski Etude in b flat minor, op. 4 nr. 3

For more information on Patrick you can visit his website here