Facing the Music

I have always enjoyed jotting down some thoughts on the music I work with, reading letters by the composers and poets I study, collecting postcards of scenes of daily life and other images that inspire me in my quest to meet the muses that moved other artistic types before me to create.  My thoughts would sometimes comprise of two or three sentences, summing up a hurried day’s events.  On other occasions I might write more, working my way through the hidden aspects of a craft and passion, which has been a part of me since my earliest memories.

But never have I shared them.  Until now – when the 21st Century is already in its teens and I hang on to pen and paper like the diarists of yore.  Thanks to a Hermit’s gift of an iPad my life has been revolutionised by gadgets, apps and e-books.  Therefore I shall move on, get up to date, and be willing to share it.  “Ich fühle Luft von anderem Planeten” said George and something in these words beckoned Schoenberg to other musical shores.

Here I am.